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As online shopping takes up more of our everyday life, the need for security and transparency when buying online increases. Security in online shopping is a topic of concern for many consumers. It is therefore important to know about the tools and certifications that can guide you to safe and trustworthy purchase experiences.

Passio is proud to be e-label verified
We at Passio are honored to be able to announce that our webshop has now achieved e-label certification. This means that we comply with strict requirements for security, transparency and consumer protection, which is a guarantee for you as a consumer. The e-label acts as your guarantee that we act responsibly and honestly.

What does the e-label mean for you?
As a customer of an e-branded webshop, you are covered by buyer protection, which ensures up to DKK 10,000 in the event of problems with the purchase of physical goods. This creates security around your purchases, as you know that you have financial cover should the accident happen.

On Passio, you can easily find all relevant contact information and cancellation and complaint policies. This ensures that you are never in doubt as to who you are dealing with and under what conditions.

Should you encounter any problems during your purchase, the e-label offers free legal advice. This ensures that you as a customer can get help to resolve any disputes in a fair and objective manner.

We also offer access to 'Safe Shopping', a tool that helps you identify and avoid scam webshops. This tool is especially important at a time when digital fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The rise of digital fraud
It is a sad reality that online fraud is on the rise. Statistics from the E-mark show an explosive increase in the number of fake webshops. These fake shops can appear very professional, thanks to the use of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, which makes them difficult to distinguish from real webshops.

Tips to avoid being cheated
Pay particular attention to prices that seem too good to be true, and to webshops that use currencies other than Danish kroner if they appear to be Danish. Always check the name of the webshop and be skeptical of shops that imitate the names or logos of well-known brands.

Passio is dedicated to offering a safe and comfortable shopping experience. We always recommend that you shop at webshops with the e-label, as this is your best guarantee for a secure transaction.

For further information on safe online shopping and benefits of the e-mark, you can visit the official website of the E-mark .

At Passio, we want you to shop safely and securely. If you have any questions or need guidance, you are always welcome to contact us.

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